9 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days

We found something new to entice H into movement-- his veggie puffs. Tonight he needed a snack before dinner and he was already down playing on the rug on his stomach. I put the puffs canister just out of reach and then held my hands against his feet. Not only did he push against my feel to propel himself forward, he pulled himself a bit with his arms too. We've also noticed a little bit of 'butt in the air' inching in recent days. The developmental progress around here is about like watching grass grow-- but we'd stare at all day long if we could.

He's also taken to making almost leaps to standing for his play table. When he realizes you're really encouraging him to stand though he essentially balks and whines-- which we give into quite a bit. If however, you just sit him down for the first time in front of the table he'll just put his hands up and pull straight up. I'm planning to call our therapy coordinator tomorrow to see how quickly we can get his physical therapy appointments set up.

We had a nice weekend with a good balance of time spent at home and some outings-- including one for JT and i to Korean BBQ with 5 other couples. Henry did just fine with a new babysitter. This is helpful because we're starting to expand our babysitter rotation.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Yeah veggie puffs! I'd love to sit and stare,too. How is Henry celebrating his daddy's birthday today? Maybe he'll share his veggie puffs!Love you all, Oma

Anonymous said...

We continue to hang on every word, watch Henry's developmment with each new picture and revel in each new accomplishment. Who knew being grandparents could be so much fun! Have a great week! Love, Gran and Nana

Tabitha said...

yay! I agree Henry, veggie puffs are the best.

Do I spy homemade diaper cover?