9 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days

Hope many of you have made good progress digging out from all the snow. Here in Chicago we've had flurries for a few days but nothing accumulated so it looks like a school day for us tomorrow.

Here is a picture of Henry striking his favorite pose. He makes this face which we call "fish lips" all the time now along with a noise that sounds exactly like "no, no, no." After about a day of repeating that back to him (because i swear it sounds pretty clear) we've started repeating any number of other words when he makes the noise, "go, go, go" or "whoah, whoah, whoah." We figure we shouldn't go out of our way to reinforce "no." maybe i'll be able to get a recording of it in the next few days...

Henry had a good pretty non-eventful weekend. He did sleep quite a bit and it seems to have knocked his bedtime back from 7 to closer to 8. In general he fights taking a nap again. Of course as long as we're trying to pay attention to his sleep routine it's nothing like "fighting" it used to be. Now it usually means putting him down and having him fuss and then cry out when he sees you exiting his room. Within 3 minutes, and sometimes closer to 45 seconds he's quiet and then asleep. It took some trial and error though last night because we proceeded as usual with his 7 pm bedtime and after much crying, some additional nursing, and finally an additional play periods, Henry went to sleep just before 9. We'll see what happens when he goes back to daycare tomorrow-- he tends to sleep less then so we might need to recur to 7 pm.

Also, I talked to Brenda and she used cloth diapers on her kids and was completely open to using them on Henry. So i'm bringing supplies and we'll see how it goes there.

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Anonymous said...

How cute! Is Henry kissing with his fish lips? He looks like he's developed a new method in his flirting routine! Kisses, Oma