9 Months, 3 Weeks 6 Days

I had to tutor Brenda in the new cloth diapering approach (luckily we don't use diaper pins anymore) but other than that she seems ready to go. She even offered to keep the diapers there and wash them. I told her she could see how it went but that i just wanted to do what was easiest for her.

When i went to pick Henry up i was standing outside the door and i heard her announce that it was circle time. I could hear the older kids assembling and one of them said, "we don't have enough, we need Henry too." When i went in Henry was in his own little area on his stomach just playing around. He wasn't quite joining circle time but was quite content and working on pushing forward. We still haven't seen this phenomenon, but Brenda said he was really working on digging his toes in and moving forward to get toys.

I forgot to ask about naps, but i'm guessing they weren't particularly long because he got tired early and went to sleep easily* right at 7.

The picture today isn't H at his most photogenic, but you can see his front two bottom teeth if you look closely. His teeth are coming in enough that now we actually catch glimpses of them-- it's a strange sight that i am not used to yet!

*fingers crossed

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