9 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days

Henry had a good day with Brenda and came home talking up a storm. I can’t really describe the sounds he’s making but today they suddenly sounded more conversational than they had in the past. He was also clearly experimenting with his volume control—quite a few squeals in there.

Once we all got home we had a little birthday celebration for JT. Henry got in on the action and enjoyed the tissue paper and wrapping very much. We had to watch him really closely because instead of just sticking the paper in his mouth and gumming it he sticks it in there and then rips it with his teeth like he’s tearing into a juicy steak. He wasn’t very interested in being our pawn tonight so we let him have a few veggie puffs without too much work.

I wanted to mention that yesterday’s picture of Henry on his back did show off one of his new cloth diapers. It’s one of the “AIOs” or all-in-ones. I did experiment with the actual cloth diapers and the wool covers that I made him over the weekend but I’m still waiting on the bulk of my diaper order and in particular the snappi fastener that holds the cloth diapers together. Once we really start using them I promise to have more pictures.

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