10 Months!

Sorry for the posting lapse. I'm battling this cold and went to bed very early on Wednesday night. Last night i tried to post but i think the blogspot server might have been down because i couldn't access my account.

Regardless, today Henry is 10 months old! It's amazing that we're heading close to that 1 year mark. To think about the accomplishments he's already achieved and all the things we have left to look forward to is overwhelming. He has a short day with Brenda today as my office closes at 3 because of the Monday President's day holiday.

My folks are taking advantage of the three-day weekend to come for a short visit. Lucky them, a super cold-snap has hit Chicago. I believe the high tomorrow is supposed to be 13; Yowzers!

Henry is continuing to babble more and more like he's talking. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some "words" in there and we just aren't sharp enough to pick them out. He at least seems to use the thing that sounds remarkably like "no" to mean "no" quite a bit of the time. JT thinks he heard something like "milk" at one point and i'd say he uses an approximation of "mama" in context about 70% of the time.


Anonymous said...

Wow! that's awesome! Love the shorts. Have a great time with your parents! And feel better soon,all of you! Sheree/Oma/Mom

Tabitha said...

Sorry you're sick, I've been thinking about you. I've been battling a sinus infection myself. I finally got some antibiotics yesterday. Feeling better now. I really hope you are too.

I can't wait to hear Henry talk. I'm sure he won't around us for a while. I think Carys clammed up for a good year and a half around people she did not see everyday. I still remember the time we were walking with her stroller and she was babbling to herself and realized it just about the time we started listening to her. I can't wait to hear Henry just talking away to himself, Chit chatting with himself. It's such a cute time. How's the sign language going? I forget to do it with Helen but I'm trying at least to get more and milk down since I can't figure her out yet anyways.

I'll call soon. Stay warm. I read tonight, minus 30 with wind chill!