10 Months, 5 Days

Well, i'm still in Atlanta, although i was hoping i would be home by now. My training went well and finished on time so i made it to the airport about 3 hours prior to my original flight. I tried to get on an earlier flight but everything is basically two hours delayed either into Chicago or out of Atlanta-- i gave up trying to figure it out. Hopefully my 9:20 flight actually will take off then which would put me home around 11:30-midnight.

I talked to JT and he said that the PT appointment went well. The PT seemed very good and started right to work with Henry. The sessions last about an hour with some breaks built in for Henry. JT said she started by doing some stretches with Henry which he really hated but that we get to do with him once a day. Then they moved into games that force him to get on his knees, get in the crawling area, stretch out his arms, turn his head to the right, use his right hand, and probably some other skills. JT said he would fuss through them and the fussing would escalate until he was really crying at which point JT got to comfort him and help him calm down. The therapist said that this was very typical for babies going through therapy. JT said that with one exercise in particular Henry really got more comfortable just in the timeframe of the appointment. He described it as a wheelbarrow position which forces Henry to bear weight on his hands.

JT was working on feeding him early so that he could get to bed definitely by bedtime and maybe sooner. He seemed to think the session took a lot out of him.

Hopefully i'll get to spend a nice morning with him.

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Anonymous said...

Good job,Henry and Dad! He'll be having fun with it before you know it!