10 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days

We discovered that Henry likes macaroni and cheese (a guilty indulgence that i only allow myself very infrequently). JT took it upon himself to make it himself rather than from a box along with lots of good veggies for dinner. I was quite impressed with his version and we have plenty of leftovers for us and Henry. Although Henry can use all the calories he can get at this point, we distinctly do not, so i doled out the leftovers into a million different containers.

Henry was up and down last night a couple times and took only one one-hour nap again at Brenda's. He went to sleep easily enough tonight, so hopefully it was a small blip on our sleep map.

Speaking of which, many of you might remember that i've been tracking Henry's sleeping habits from just about day one. I've missed some days here and there but on the whole, have an accountingof how he's slept (or not) over these past 10 months.

When i started that post about breast-feeding the other night, i actually didn't mean to wax poetic. My original idea was to describe the craziness involved in expressing breast milk while traveling and then managing to get it home without spillage or spoilage. So, here's the encapsulated version:

When i went to Atlanta for work last week i brought my pump. Not only did i need to keep my milk supply up for the am/pm feedings i'm continuing with Henry, but i hadn't quite phased out all daytime sessions. The first hurdle was realizing my hotel room didn't have a mini-fridge like the website had said. Rather than order one brought to my room at 9 at night, i decided to stash my milk bottles in the ice bucket. In the morning i put the bottles in a plastic bag, filled it with fresh ice, and put it in my suitcase.

Our training was from 8:30-3:30. Before hopping in the cab to the airport i added some fresh ice from the snack spread to my bag o'milk. I was planning to be home by 8 pm that evening and was just going to hold out until i got home before pumping again. However, my flight was seriously delayed and i was looking at not getting home until midnight. There was no way i could be that uncomfortable that long so i began the hunt for an outlet in a secluded area-- no simple feat since scores of flights were delayed. Aside from everyone looking to plug their phones or laptops in, the trash cans in the airport are electric and compact the trash periodically. I did manage to find an area at the end of a row of seats and used my coat as a shield. By the time i got home the ice had obviously melted and made most of my clothing damp, but the milk was cold and i managed to not waste any!

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