1 Year, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

Today was Henry's first day back to Brenda's in 3 weeks. You could tell that daycare was all just a distant memory when i dropped him off this morning. He got a certain look of remembrance as we were standing there at the door waiting for Brenda to answer. But once she did he was a little hesitant. She was so excited to see him and he was intrigued by all the kiddos absolutely going crazy with shouts of "Henry's here, Henry's back, hey, guys Henry's here!" But you could tell he was a little overwhelmed as well. I kept my goodbye short and she said after a little clingyness he adjusted right back and had a ball getting reacquainted with all the kiddos.

By the time i picked him up this afternoon i think it was like he never left. He gave me a big smile when i came to get him but he was contentedly standing at the little bench looking so big in comparison and happily playing with some other kids. Brenda and i talked about the differences we've noticed in 3 weeks and besides getting bigger and his hair getting longer, we both noticed how he's just so much more physically active.

Although the physical development is the main thing that stands out when i compare what Henry was like before we left to what he's like now, there is definitely an emotional component to things as well. He's physically able to get around more surely and quickly (!) and he has the wherewithal and excitement to explore new things. This has led to things like stair climbing and trying to dive off the bed and climbing up on Dad and then quickly rolling down off of him.

We had a few VERY early morning wake-ups from Henry while we were on vacation. With the understanding that he was slightly off his game and that there were other people to consider who like to sleep past 5 am, i brought Henry into bed with us. I did this once or twice on really bad nights while we were away and it allowed me to get at least a little more sleep. By the end of the trip however, Henry had decided that being brought into bed with us meant playtime. Basically for 30 minutes he would go from stomach lying thumb-sucking sleep position to all fours and chattering in .06 seconds. I would push him back down, rub his back and say night-night-- over and over and over. One morning i realized the futility of my efforts when after springing to his knees Henry scampered up the pillows i had propped against the wall and flung himself over so that he could roll down like he was at the dunes. At this point, Jt thankfully got up with Henry.

There are new pictures up. You'll notice that all the pictures up through 12 months are on one link, and all pictures going forward are on another. Don't ask-- it's a long story involving AT&Ts inept take-over of SBC.

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