15 Months, 3 Days

I returned from my overnight trip to Michigan last night and was fairly exhausted by the time i got home. Henry was just hunky-dory but fought going to bed. His naps have been all over the map lately so bedtime has been affected as well. We thought maybe he was ready to transition to one nap a day, because his afternoon nap was only lasting an hour instead of his normal 2. The day i just tried to keep him up in the morning and have him take one long nap in the early afternoon backfired. I put him down at noon for his nap and he only slept about 50 minutes and then was firmly up. He slept for another hour in the late afternoon. Today i went back to the mostly normal schedule and he took long naps both morning and afternoon. So who knows.

Henry took what i guess you would say were his first steps on Tuesday. We sat a couple of feet apart, stood Henry up and had him walk to the other person. Sometimes he held on to your finger until the last step and took that on his own and sometimes he took 3-4 steps on his own before falling down. He probably did this a half dozen times or so and then made it clear he wasn't interested anymore.

I have gotten him to start walking while just holding on to one hand or a finger. At therapy this morning he was going nuts with the walker which until recently he was very wary of. He was much more adventurous than last week and his therapist said that he looks very stable and strong and that he just has to expand his sense of security.

H threw several tantrums this evening. It's not the first time i've seen them but it i'm not sure i've ever seen so many over such absolutely trivial stuff-- especially when he truly didn't seem overtired. It took multiple strategies to get him to calm down and chill out enough to go to bed.

Now i'm just clearing out the last of the stuff in the kitchen because they come tomorrow for the first day of demolition.

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