15 Months, 6 Days

Just to catch you up a bit, and make sure you really know the score around here, Henry has found his voice! He has taken to shrieking A LOT. He seems to do it when he's excited, when he's frustrated, when he's tired, when he's mad, and sometimes just because he wants to hear his voice.

It's not a great phase to be going through now that our kitchen is all packed up in boxes and is set to be demolished on Tuesday. Going out to eat is not easy, and the thought of getting on a plane on Friday is downright bone-chilling. I hit Target today and tried to buy a bag-full of cheap toys to keep him distracted. I'm going to try to make it to the dollar store between now and Friday so that i have a little more ammo.

His other new (and more pleasant) skill is that today he started walking with his walker by himself. The arc of the walker started with Henry wanting nothing to do with it and actively crying when you tried to see if he wanted to stand with it. This morphed into a small interest, but Henry would only actually use the walker if you were holding on to him with BOTH hands, and even then his attention span was pretty short. Today Henry just walked over to the walker and started using it. I still help with his steering skills (mainly getting turned back around once he's hit a wall) but otherwise he's off on his own.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Henry! Now all you need to do is learn to steer and you are off!

Everything in time. Love, Gran