15 Months, 1 Week

I've neglected to tell you about Henry's eating issues. With all the tantrums and walking and shrieking going on i almost forgot to mention that he'll barely eat anything anymore. He seems to have gotten really picky about foods at the same time that he's just not very interested in food.

The only thing that he absolutely never turns down are corndogs for crying out loud. He'll usually eat bananas and peaches and crackers but even those can get thrown to the floor if he's not in the mood.

This morning he refused to eat anything which we thought was just part of this phase, but then he went on to develop a slight fever and a bad cough. I spoke to the nurse at the Doctor's office in the afternoon because his cough sounded so terrible. They listened to his symptoms and said that it really sounded like a virus that would run it's course. So, he's been taking Tylenol regularly to keep his temp down and that seems to help. When he's very hot he's pretty listless and alternates between just lying on our chests and crying. Poor guy.

We're hoping he'll be able to sleep okay tonight and he'll start to get over this pretty quickly.

By the way, there are more pictures up in the current link under the 14 month category. Somehow all the pictures didn't get uploaded last time which i discovered when i went to order them for myself. So, you should see plenty more from our beach trip!

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