15 Months

Well, we had day one of our temporary daycare arrangement and it worked out pretty well. JT watched Henry until 8:30 when he went into the office. Henry hung out with me outside while i had an appointment with my physical trainer and then went down for a nap. I worked while he slept and then our friend Phil, watched Henry until about 11:30 when he had to leave for bridge. JT came home a little after 12 and watched Henry for the rest of the afternoon.

Tomorrow should be a little more straightforward, JT until 8:30 then me until work at 9 and then Phil for the rest of the day. We're really hoping the heat wave breaks tomorrow (down to 88!) because we're dying here.

At Henry's latest PT appointment, his therapist gave us some strategies for getting him to walk while just holding on to one of our hands, to stand-alone and to take bigger risks moving from furniture piece to furniture piece. Essentially if you entice him with something appealing enough he's able to do all three but they clearly test his limits and make him uncomfortable.

I think he could easily take a step or two (or three) on his own and fall down and try to get back up and so on, but you can just tell he's working on mastering the feeling before putting himself out there. So we keep working on encouraging him and are so excited for all of his progress.

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