We're very close to being back home again. Henry and i left the beach today and dropped JT off at the airport enroute to my parents house in NoVA. Henry and i return to Chicago tomorrow afternoon after one more airplane ride.

While we did a little shopping today i bought a whole bag full of little trinkets and doo dads that Henry hasn't seen before to pull out for the plane ride. I crumpled up tin foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap and tied everything to the handle of a kitchen utensil, so that when Henry tires of an individual toy, he can throw it and i won't have to go digging under the seat behind me to find it.

We had a really wonderful vacation and i can't wait to get home and see if a lot of Henry's new developments remain constant or mutate once he's back on home soil.

I'll be happy to let the night wakings and naptime protest screams go, but i'm curious to see if the stair climbing, adventuresome exploring, and kitchen cabinet opening transfer back to our abode.

I'll give you more detailed updates on our week at the beach, including a full-expose of Henry's sand diving stunt in the next few days. Now i'm going to go to bed to be ready for Henry's daily 6 am bugle call.

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