1 Year, 2 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days

Today will certainly be marked as "eventful" on my calendar. We started with what i hope is the last of Henry's specialist appointments for a good long while. This appointment was with the neurologist and was to make sure that there wasn't any neurological basis for the physical delays Henry was diagnosed with ages ago. Because it took so long to get an appointment, the underlying issue has actually resolved itself. Henry now moves his right arm freely, doesn't seem to have any difficulty extending it and uses it as often as his left arm.

The neurologist confirmed that Henry looks good and is developing well. He thought the PT's approach to continue therapy until Henry starts walking was sound and didn't recommend a follow-up visit unless we notice something taking a turn for the worse. After getting Henry's full history he thought that because of my "precipitous" delivery (i.e. very fast) there was strain put on the right side of Henry's trunk and arm. Although he said that only about 25% of precipitous deliveries have any repercussions, the combination of Henry's stomach problems and lack of tummy time and his laid-back demeanor all contributed to his latebloomerness. But as we've all noticed, Henry seems to be coming along just fine on his own schedule and we're pleased as punch.

Then i worked like crazy to dig myself out of the vacation-induced hole i'm currently in. Then around 5:30 i got a call from JT telling me that he had just gotten off the blue line and that there had been a fire but he was okay and would call me back in a minute. I pieced together the details over the next half hour or so from tv and calls with JT. A subway train's last car derailed and there was some kind of electrical fire. I wound up going to pick JT up and was a little shocked to see his face and especially his mouth covered with soot and his clothes and hands all black.

I assumed he was on one of the first cars (hmm, am i an optimist or what) but it turns out he was on the very last car. A lot of people walked out of the tunnel on the ledge to the side of the train but JT and a few other people walked all the way to the front of the train, trying to move as quickly and calmly as possible and then about 400 ft more to a set of spiral staircases to exit the tunnel. Once they were in the tunnel though you couldn't see anything because of the dark and all the smoke. He said they just kept feeling along the wall until they got to to the stairs and then went out to safety.

They treated people at the scene for smoke inhalation and any other injuries but JT said he felt fine. We talked with our Dr. tonight and she told us what to watch for in terms of the smoke inhalation getting worse. He amazingly seems fine and we were happy to be able to just order dinner tonight and watch the All Star Game.


Anonymous said...

Whew! That is much too eventful!! I am so very glad you were OK Jt!!!!!How nice to reach a place where you could simply watch the game! Love you all-Sheree/Mom/Oma

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a close call. We were so glad to hear that JT is okay! It was a bit unnerving coming on the heels of the incident in India. It was more meaningful today after I saw the number of people being treated at the scene on our local news program. Love, Ken

Shannon (lil_ferg) said...

Wow, how scary, Tamra! I'm glad that JT is safe and that all is well!