I promise, really, i'll start filling you in on the details from the beach. In the meantime (while i get all my photos downloaded and culled), i thought i would give you a little update that happened today-- not even over the last 3 weeks.

After coming home to absolutely bare cupboards (i tried to make lunch for myself out of a butter sandwich if that tells you anything) we went out for a late lunch once the hunger had made us light-headed. The waitress took a real shine to Henry and along with several packs of saltine crackers, she brought him a small cup of water with a lid and straw.

We've tried off and on for several months to get Henry to drink out a straw. I know other moms that have done it with great success, but we couldn't quite figure out how to teach him.

This afternoon i just held the cup for him and put the straw near his mouth. He grasped it with his lips, sucked and was vaulted into the ranks of the straw-abled.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Henry! Nice work on that straw thing. Thanks for coming to visit us again this year, we had a great time watching your mobility skills develop and seeing how much you have grown. Nonna and I really enjoyed your visit. Take care and we will see you soon. Love, Gran

PS - Thanks for bringing Mom and Dad with you to the beach. We enjoyed seeing them too!