16 Months, 1 Week, 6 Days

Thankfully Henry's therapy appointment went better this week. His therapist seemed to give him a little more time to warm up, and Henry was at least not in meltdown the entire time. That's not to stay he's cooperative. He threw his fair share of temper tantrums when she asked him to do certain things.

She said it was great he's standing and walking, and in some ways it's amazing because his "form" isn't at all normal and he's pretty amazingly cheated his way into making something work. He doesn't stick his butt out like he's supposed to-- i guess this helps build his quad muscles. Somehow he's managing to both stand and walk completely upright which isn't good for long-term development of more advanced skills like running and jumping.

Sigh. So no mention of a quitting time at this point-- we havehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.spell.gif
Check Spelling new exercises we're supposed to work on with Henry that he of course hates. He really just likes to play with his toys by himself and occasionally talk to you about them or ask you for help. Having to stand with him and try to get him to interact in a specific way isn't easy.

I did get some pictures of Henry walking tonight. He was just learning the sign for hat and was really excited to wear a hat of his own-- thus the fisherman look!

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