22 Months, 2 Weeks

Although it seems a little too soon to be heading back to work tomorrow, we had a nice weekend. We tested out a new babysitter and although Henry was hysterical when we left, we really liked her and she said that after Henry wanted to get in his crib for awhile to calm himself down, he was actually fine the rest of the evening. She's coming again next week and then after the dust settles after Silas' birth, we're planning to have a regular weeknight out every other week or so. Hopefully all of those things will make it easier on Henry when we leave.

We left him for about an hour today at our friends house as kind of a mini test-run of when they'll possibly watch him while i'm in labor. He did absolutely great and didn't seem to miss us one bit. They have two girls-- one who's 3 and another one that is just about Henry's age and he loves to play with them and all their fun toys.

On Saturday we went out to a sushi restaurant that we love but hadn't been to since the night i went into labor with Henry. We were hoping it wasn't going to have the same effect this time, and luckily it didn't, but we did enjoy a great dinner.

Henry was very animated in his play this weekend. At times he was getting more interactive with our cat mason-- going right up to him and petting him or looking him straight in the face while down on all fours. He also was just playing with forgotten toys in new ways. This morning he climbed up on one of our kitchen chairs on his own and promptly stood up. We're not encouraging that but from a physical point of view, it was a great accomplishment.

Tomorrow begins the week of medical appointments for me. I have something almost every day, capped off with having my braces removed on Friday (!) So no getting to the gym this week i'm afraid but i'm very excited to be done with my braces before Silas arrives (hopefully.)

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