Silas Adrian Bloch hit the nail on the head...

Silas was born exactly on his due date Tuesday the 27th. He was even kind enough to give us time to get to the hospital and to be born during the day-- a rarity indeed. Although i had about 10 days of pre-labor contractions, including a full-day Monday of what we thought was the early part of the real thing-- once my labor started for real around 10:30 am Tuesday-- things moved fairly quickly.

I had sent JT to work on Tuesday morning after nothing came of being home with me Monday. I kept him updated on my status and after finding an acupuncturist to squeeze me in later that day to try to induce labor, i called our doula Pam and JT around noon and told them to head over. It was an ideal Henry-care situation because he was already at Brenda's and Tiffany was primed and ready to pick him up that evening. JT, Pam and i all went to the hospital where OB triage was absolutely crazy. They bumped another woman so that i could get a labor and delivery room. I wasn't able to use the birthing center because it was soo nutty but the midwife i had seen the most was on-call and with me for most of the labor and birth.

It was so strange to be at the hospital when things weren't crucial and i kept fully expecting to be sent home until just about the time i was ready to push. The whole thing was a little longer and probably a bit harder than last time just because Silas was quite a bit bigger. Needless to say we were very happy when he was born and now we can get on with recovery and re-entering the tired world of newborn care.

We were able to come home last night around 7-- we left after 24 hours. Silas definitely sleeps more in the day than at night which we'll have to work on, but at least no one is mopping my floors when he IS asleep.

My parents come in tonight so we'll have lots of extra hands and love for Henry. So far he's seemed bemused by the baby and interested in a sweet way but not overly concerned. JT took him to daycare today, but he'll be home with us and Gran and Nonna for the next week.


Anonymous said...

Oh he's a cutie alright! And so chubby! Congrats! Love you all, Sheree

Anonymous said...

Congrats, he's adorable! He's a chip off the old....err...well, you know :). Love, Kai and Andrey

Kathy said...

Congratulations and welcome to the family Silas. Great job Tamra and JT. Love to you all, Kathy, Jim and Bailey

Laurie said...

Congratulations Tamra, Jt and Henry. How big is Silas anyway?