23 Months, 5 Days

Although i just posted the 21 and 22 month pictures-- i might have to break down and feature some of them in my posts. I'm doing my best to leave the photocard in the camera so we don't wind up heading off to the hospital with the camera and no card! Speaking of which, i'm about ready for all this "false labor" to be done with. Each night since Sunday i've had at least a couple hours of contractions and other labor signs that get regular and have even been getting slightly stronger and then they just fizzle out. After nothing all day yesterday, i had 2 hours of pretty regular 7 minute-apart contractions. I had just told my mom that last night would probably be the most inconvenient time to actually have Silas, so i figured this meant we had a pretty good chance of actually having a baby. No such luck, or unluck. I'm still here plugging along and planning on wrapping up my official work schedule tomorrow.

I had a midwife appointment and NST today and everything seems well with the baby. Plenty of fluid and he's very active. Supposedly he's a bit lower and i'm a tiny bit more dilated so maybe i'll actually have this baby by his due date next week.

We are having beautiful weather today and it's supposed to stay warm but be very rainy for the next week or so. Last night we had thunderstorms move in and Henry was NOT happy about it. We were playing in his playroom and i kept talking about the thunderstorm and what it was and telling him how cool it was to watch the rain. He was skeptical but kind of okay until the thunder arrived and then he lept into my arms and didn't want to leave my lap. I just kept talking to him about the thunder and it was so cute because he would kind of look at me like "okay i'm trying to be brave" and would say "hiiii" and wave. This is what he does with the dogs when he knows he's scared of them but trying to get a grip. It was cute and sad all at once. After a few more minutes we went to the living room and snuggled on the couch while we watched his signing video.

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