Handling Uncertainty

My mom said yesterday that they always tell you not to compare you're children and this was Silas' way of letting us know not to compare him to Henry from the get-go. I seemed to be in "early labor" all day yesterday. I had contractions basically until about 10 or 11 pm and at times they got steadily more intense and regular (every 2-3 minutes apart when we were walking). Then phhtt. Nothing. The upside is i went to sleep around 11:30 and slept pretty much all night.

The plan is for me to call the midwife today and see if i can go into the birthing center and have them try their "natural inducers." If anything seems to take, i'll have JT come up and join me. I really thought we were going to have a baby (or at least be in the hospital by now) so this is just a little bit frustrating.

I had a dream that after Henry's labor they installed a "time-release valve" and once the Doctors remembered that they told me it could be adjusted and i'd have the baby in no time. Boy was i sad when i woke up and that was just a dream!

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