23 Months, 3 Days

Henry has been exploring more and more lately. He's definitely getting more interested in playing and running around on his own terms and less interested in sitting still to say eat dinner. We're not having major battles about this (yet) but you can definitely see his general activity level increasing.

One thing he's been really interested in lately is light and shadows. We recently stashed flashlights in a few places around the house in case of emergencies and Henry loves to tote them around and turn them on. The only problem is that once he starts flailing the light beam around the cats go nuts and start jumping up the walls after the light. We've tried to explain that they're excited and want to play but it scares the bejesus out of him and then he can't figure out how to turn the flashlight off.

A similar thing happened this morning in our kitchen. Sunlight comes streaming into the kitchen from the sunroom in the morning. Henry had his back to the sunlight and was waving two books around. This deflected the light onto the cabinets. The first thing was his face in a perfect "OH" expression while he watched the shadows dancing on the cabinets and then a freak-out when the cat came bounding in to catch the light.
I've put up new pictures on yahoo from Henry's 21 and 22nd months.

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