New Stroller

We received a new stroller yesterday that will accommodate both Henry and Silas. Henry helped me get it all set-up last night and was super-excited to try it out. First we tried him in the front seat (which he won't use much because it holds the infant carrier at first and then Silas once he's bigger) and then the back (where he'll sit at first and then stand once he gets a little older.) He was so excited to sit in the front with the tray on and eat his snack and to hang out on the back like a big boy. In fact he spent the rest of the evening climbing in and out of the stroller on his own and trying to figure out the clasps. I'd say he approves!

It's nice to see him becoming a little more adventurous physically because right now we are on a physical therapy hiatus. The insurance company has said that his therapy is not "medically necessary" and we're embroiled in the process of appealing that decision. In the meantime, we've been trying to replicate the exercises he works on in therapy and hopefully he won't be too far behind when/if we start up again.

The weather has finally taken a turn for the warmer here so we're hoping to head to the park this weekend and see how he does there.

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