22 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

We're enjoying another day of warm weather but i think it's about to end. JT took Henry to Brenda's this morning so i could get on an early-morning conference call, but we're hoping that we can all meet up at the park again this afternoon.

I took Henry to the park yesterday afternoon and he had a ball. I think especially since he was just there the day before he was more adventurous and by the end of our stay he was climbing up to the playground equipment-- crossing the shaky bridge, going up two steps to the slide and then sitting down, scooting forward and going down the slide himself. This is pretty amazing to watch especially considering how cautious he was on all the equipment in the fall when we were frequenting the park.

JT and i enjoyed getting out last night for our last planned babysitter outing before Silas arrives. Unfortunately our babysitter had a work complication so we didn't make our movie but we did have a nice dinner out and enjoyed some adult time. Amazingly i don't have any Doctor appointments today or tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm a prejudiced Oma, but Henry is quite beautiful, isn't he? Lots of love!