23 Months, 2 Days

Henry is wending his way closer to his 2 year birthday, and i'm just about to the birth of his baby brother Silas. Tomorrow i'm 39 weeks which means that next Tuesday is my estimated due date. I was hopeful that perhaps we were going to have a baby early this morning. I had contractions every 10 minutes for 2 hours last night but they weren't particularly strong and they died out.

This morning i had one of my twice-weekly NSTs and although Silas was doing great it recorded tons of contractions on my part. So who knows-- maybe this baby will come a little early. I feel ready enough, although i think i'm resigned to finishing out my week of work.

Henry has been obsessed with blueberries for a long time. Actually he's just obsessed with "blue" one of the two colors he names and his favorite ingredient of all food. We've played it up by working BLUEberry into the title of most things he eats, "BLUEberry yogurt"-- no matter what flavor, BLUEberry sandwich of PB&J and of course BLUEberries which he will gobble up but leave quite a mess!

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