10 Months, 1 Week, 5 Days

Henry had his second physical therapy appointment today. Amy said that he did really well-- made it about 45 minutes until he pretty much reached the melt-down point. She said he was loads more calm this time than last time. To be expected though, he became increasingly frustrated as the session went on.

I had a really good impression of Amy as did JT. She was really good about explaining everything she was doing with Henry and was also very willing to answer questions i had about either specific moves or just development in general related to Henry. She has a conflict next week so we won't see her until the 22nd. Lest we rest on our laurels, the Developmental Therapist called during his appointment and scheduled her visit next week on Tuesday. Keeping up with his schedule is getting tough, but i'm sure all of this support will be paying off. I don't think Henry's just going to cast off his crutches and crawl, but you can see incremental strength gains which is great.

I'm sorry to say that i'm out of photos to post. You could probably tell i was was running low when i dug back in and posted a Valentine's Day picture yesterday. Hopefully i'll get more pictures for tomorrow's post!

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