1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 5 Days

Brenda said that she thinks Henry was trying to say "baby" today. The new little girl was there today and Henry was very interested in here. Brenda said he was constantly pointing at her when she was being held and saying something that started with a "ba" sound.

He's like that with a lot of things-- pretty good at communicating, and you can sometimes make out the first syllables of words if you're giving him the benefit of the doubt, but not exactly a poet yet.

He does understand quite a few words and it's amazing to watch him make new connections every day. Tonight during his bath we had the bathroom window open. The dogs next door were lazily barking and Henry perked up his ears and started looking around to figure out where the barking was coming from. He clearly isolated it as coming from the window and even made a sound that i'm pretty confident is his "woof, woof" sound. I've heard him use it before when looking at pictures of dogs and it sounded pretty convincing tonight. When he was all done with his bath, i took him outside to see the dogs.

At first he was just happy but when he pointed and one of them barked he exploded in excitement and used his dog sounds all over again. Then it was off to bed to rest up for more adventures tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Nice hat Henry! I like the elephant a lot and am really looking forward to seeing you again. Love, Gran

Anonymous said...

What fun! I think he's saying lots of first syllables- Ra-Ra(Ralph)- well, that's all I can remember right now.Tamra, are you and Henry still coming to VA? When? Hope so! Sheree