1 Year, 2 Months, 1 Day

Henry and i are roommates again. He's improved greatly from his early days of old man grunts and grumbles, but he's still not a heavy silent sleeper. He moves around rustling his bed clothes, sighing and moaning off and on throughout the night. I'm a fairly light sleeper, so that alone would normally be enough to keep me awake or wake me up. Pair it with a horrendous night getting Henry to sleep and every grumble or cry makes my heart race and raises a sweat on my forehead.

There's a lot to catch everyone up on so i'll take a second and fill in the details. Henry and i father's day morning at home with JT as we tried to coax Henry's nap schedule into something that would best line up for our afternoon flight. We scored a major victory on that one by somehow getting Henry to take one long nap for 2.5 hours. He woke up about 30 minutes before we had to leave for the airport. Because of the additional sleep he was much, much better on the flight than last time. I still had to be a source of constant entertainment but he was averaging at least 5 minutes per activity than last time's 10 seconds to 1 minute. I could tell he was tired by the time we arrived but we were met by Gran and Nonna and whisked away by car to our hotel. It took awhile to get the mini fridge, crib and milk delivered, and for us to dig into the delicious deal they brought with them, to celebrate my Father's Father's Day.

I had hoped the room would have a little alcove or something but no such luck. When it was clearly past the time for Henry to go to bed i tried to put him to bed in his crib that i had pushed into the corner. No dice. Now that he can stand-up, he promptly did so and can just see over the side of the crib. He knew we were there still hanging out eating and having fun, and he wasn't about to miss any of it.

So, i let him get back up and play while my parents were still here. Once they left i tried to quiet Henry down, get him to take some milk and start to chill. I think at that point he was just too far gone because he pretty much immediately started shrieking and continued for what seemed like a solid hour. I tried just leaving him there to cry while i turned on the shower and stayed in the bathroom. Crying. I tried laying him down, giving him Ralph and rubbing his back. Crying when he inevitably started trying to stand up and i wouldn't let him. I tried taking him out of the crib and holding him to calm him down-- no more crying but now lots of chattering and pointing as he thought he had earned a reprieve. At that point i started cycling through the options again and huddled in the bathroom on the phone with JT for some moral support. Mind you this was not sweet fussing, this was screaming in our hotel room in the middle of other people bedding down for the evening. By the time i made it to patting his back and singing, he gave up and went to sleep.

He did better tonight, but i think that was helped by the mondo nap he took this afternoon after a busy morning spent playing trains and blocks with Aidan and Sinead.

Hopefully i'll have some fun pictures to share soon!

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