1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 6 Days

When i went to pick Henry up from Ms. Brenda's today, i went in to show her Henry's new PT exercises. She had to get all the kids that were there situated with books for book time and while she did that Henry quickly lost interest in just me. He scrambled to be put down and made a beeline for the kitchen center. He was so busy playing with the burners and trying to shove whatever he could in the microwave.

Brenda said that he's quite territorial about that toy. When other kids try to play with him at it, he pretty much pushes them away and guards the whole surface. She said his favorite part is to take blocks and other smallish items and shove as many as he can in the microwave and then hurridly close the door so they don't escape.

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Anonymous said...

Hummm... Another chef in training- good thing you are enlarging the kitchen. Will he have a sink also?