1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 4 Days

We had a busy but relaxed weekend and are just getting things in order for a hopefully productive week. Henry had swimming lessons on Saturday and things seemed to click a little more with him this class. We got there a few minutes late due to bad traffic so we had to get in and wet in a hurry, but after a couple minutes he was splashing on his own, babbling away and leaning forward to "jump" towards me when he's sitting on the side of the pool.

Henry makes a lot of sounds that still don't seem to mean much. He does have a few words which include mama, dada, no, something that sounds very much like more, and his favorite, "Whoa!" He uses the last pretty much constantly when he's excited, surprised, or just interested in something. Every action or reaction he witnesses or causes seems to elicit this response. It's a good one and i hope a smooth transition to "neat" which seems like an excellent exclamation for a little one.

This afternoon we went over to our friends' place for a casual dinner. We hung out in the backyard and all the kids got to play around. Helen is taking steps now, but the uneven terrain of the grass made it difficult. Henry was happier on a blanket, but did seem to make some progress at accepting the feeling of the grass on his hands and feet. He had a ball playing around with Carys and especially appreciated all the fruit and cheese she shared with him!

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