1 Year, 2 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days

Henry and i have made our last shift for awhile now and i'm hoping that will help to get Henry back into better sleeping habits. Last night started out great with a bedtime that included 0 fuss. Unfortunately, somewhere around 1 am Henry came into bed with me and i can safely say that neither of us had a very restful night.

If i was a sleep researcher instead of a tired mom, i might have been amazed at how active Henry is in his sleep. He cycles from laying on his stomach with one arm thrown around Ralph-- legs extended; to knees tucked under his belly with Ralph as a pillow; to lying on his side-- sucking his thumb and hugging Ralph; to lying on his back-- crying out for me.

He's got a bit of a cold and it seems worse the past few days. He's running a slight temperature and has a really runny nose. Other than being tired and a bit clingy though, i think he's quite a trooper.

We got over to the beach around noon and after exploring a bit, Henry took a peaceful nap while i unpacked. Then we got his little pool filled with water and after he woke up, he had fun splashing around and playing with this water toys. I'm hoping we had a breakthrough with his sun hat. Somewhere around 10-11 months he stopped tolerating hats. This wasn't a big deal until the summer when the suns rays become the thing us fair-skinned people have to actively take cover from.

He has one sun hat with a chin strap and that's the only one we could ever keep on him. Today he had it on while he was in his pool and kept trying to take it off. The sky was pretty overcast so i decided to let him take his hat off (he was already slathered with SPF 50). A few minutes later the sun came back out and he was squinting at me and started pointing at his hat. At first i just told him no, that he didn't really want his hat back. But he was pretty insistent and clear, and when i put his hat back on, he left it for the rest of the time we were outside.

So, hopefully the lesson that wearing a hat helps shade your eyes when it's really sunny will stick. I'm not holding my breath, but it sure would be nice.

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Anonymous said...

I am so impressed about "the hat shades my eyes from the sun" that he was telling you. Quiet impressive, Henry! Love, Oma