1 Year, 2 Months, 3 Days

I wrote a nice long post last night and then lost it just as i was spell checking. After that defeat and a long day i gave up and headed to bed. So, with a little downtime while Henry naps i thought i would try again.

I wrapped up my meetings yesterday afternoon, headed up to collect Henry from the Bane's household and trucked him and a ginormous duffel bag on to the metro. I tried to beat rush hour, but no such luck. Henry was a bit tired and hungry and, did i mention cranky, so the train ride wasn't a whole lot of fun. Especially the part when we were so crammed in there i couldn't really do anything to try to soothe him. But, the train started to empty and all the moms came over to coo and then the ride was done.

Gran and Nonna were very happy to see Henry again and had lots of fun toys to open to keep him entertained during our visit. Sinead and Aidan went out of their way to show Henry a good time at the playgroud yesterday, so we'll have to hit one of our own to keep up his swinging skills!

We are planning to see a good friend and her new baby girl this afternoon and hope to have pictures of all our recent exploits soon!

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