1 Year, 2 Months, 5 Days

Henry has had lots of chances to make new friends on this trip. After spending a couple days with the Bane kids, he had a fun time visiting our friends' in Arlington and playing with their 3 year old's fire trucks and buzz lightyear accoutrement. He was a bit blase about their 2 month old baby girl, but she didn't get in his way and he stayed clear of her.

We met up with an online friend today at a neutral, indoor play spot at Tysons' Mall. My understanding was that it was even more of a zoo before i got there, but crazy is an understatement. Henry had a ball and was completely wide-eyed watching the other kids run, ping off of gigantic flowers and other fantanstic garden shapes, and fling themselves on to the soft banquettes that surrounded the whole area. Henry was pretty content just to hang out in the two feet square area in front of where i was hunkered down with the bags. By the end of the time we were there he was exploring to the nearby flowers. In the meantime, my friend's daughter was running circles around the play yard. Obviously not walking slows him down, but it's so obvious that temperament plays a big part with Henry as well.

He's pretty happy to explore at home when he's in safe surroundings. At my parents in the evenings he galavantly ventures from living room to kitchen into the bathroom and back. He crawls around and has a ball and isn't shy about poking his nose into all manner of cracks and crevices. When he's on new territory though, you can just see the gears churning as he sizes things up and soaks all the activity in.

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