1 Year, 2 Months, 2 Days

I think hopefully Henry is settling in to this traveling thing. He went to bed easily tonight, and by all appearances took two good naps today and was just a happy camper all around. I got a chance to introduce him to some of my work colleagues and he charmed them per his usual self. I brought him down while everyone was eating lunch, so we made a quick round and then headed back upstairs. Henry hadn't eaten lunch yet and he was practically lunging at everyone's pasta and sandwiches.

Henry is really getting better about pulling up on all kinds of things. You can tell he's in the early stages of trying to stand on his own. He'll be sitting in front of you and will push his legs to standing but only have your leg to hold onto. He hasn't figured out how to get the rest of his body up at that point, but i think that skill will be coming soon.

He's also getting more adventuresome with taking a hand off something for a second or so as he transitions from one piece of furniture to the next. It's really amazing to watch. He's come such a long way and so much of his progress has been in just the past few weeks.

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