1 Year, 1 Month, 3 Weeks

We had a handyman in the other day to tackle a whole bunch of small projects that have made our house that much more enjoyable. This happily coincided with the delivery of some new chairs we picked out for the living room, so i'm got two pictures shameless pictures to share of Henry showing off both our chairs and the new dining room chandelier. Aside from how beautiful the chandelier is, i think i'm most excited that we finally got clothes rods installed in Henry's room. I know longer have his clothes "hung" on a picture propped up against the wall.

I've decided that aside from mama and dada and noooo which Henry used to "say" a lot but hardly ever uses anymore, his first real word is "woof." Of course it's not dog, it's woof, but he know exactly what he means and technically he's correct. We hear the dogs in our neighborhood barking frequently and now when Henry hears them he looks all around, points toward the sound and says "woof" really excitedly. I happily say, "that's right, that's the dog, can you say dog?...DOG" He throws in a few more "WOOF, WOFFs" and is off to something new.

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