5 Days/ 23 Months 2 Weeks, 1 Day

We're really enjoying being at home, discovering a routine with Silas and Henry, and having a lot of help from my parents. Henry is absolutely ecstatic that his Gran and Nonna are here. They've been taking walks outside, coloring and playing inside and in general keeping Henry more than entertained.

Henry is getting more interested in Silas, but is very sweet with him. He likes to lean in over his bouncy seat and sweetly say "hi!" Right now he just calls him "baby," we're working on "Silas." We do have to monitor Henry closely when Silas is in the swing. Henry likes to turn the swing up to it's highest setting and Silas looks like he's about ready to launch.

We're doing really well with Silas so far. The first night home was the roughest because we hadn't gotten much sleep in the hospital that day and Silas was wanting to eat almost every hour. I did discover that he will take the pacifier and actually does a decent job of holding on to it. Each night since has been a little better. First 2-3 hour breaks between eating, and then consistently 3 and last night he went almost 5 hours between meals. Since you time from the start of one feeding to the next, and eating takes awhile when he keeps falling asleep, it doesn't work out to quite 5 hours of sleep-- but still i'll take it for a 5-day old!

We had his 4-day checkup yesterday and everything was absolutely perfect. He had a bilirubin level of 0 (indicative of jaundice) which is so unusual they tested it twice to make sure. We discussed all the different medical issues Henry has had and so far Silas looks clear of all of them. Although it can definitely still develop, at this point Silas isn't much of a spitter and doesn't show any signs of the pyloric stenosis stomach problem that Henry had. We're also enjoying his calm temperment and general sleepiness. I remember that Henry's fussiness developed more as he got closer to 3 weeks so in a sense i'm still waiting for the other shoe to fall, but for now he's a very "good" baby that's been pretty easy to integrate into our family.

I'll post some pictures soon but wanted to get this update posted.

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