1 Week 3 Days/ 23 Months 2 Weeks 6 Days

Last night was a good one around our house. I've gotten in the habit of trying to feed Silas closer to every 2 hours once the late afternoon/evening rolls around. There's mixed opinions on whether this helps them to sleep longer or not, but i figure it can't hurt, especially since sometimes he prefers to eat every 2 hours. Last night i fed him at 10:30 and then he went to sleep shortly after 11. He's getting to where he can take longer to fall asleep-- he grunts and groans and squeaks off an on until he falls asleep. At this point though he can still fall asleep on his own which is something we're trying really hard to preserve and encourage.

Henry is doing great at daycare and the cough/cold he's had seems to be finally improving. He's sleeping through the night without coughing at all and his nose finally stopped running as well. We've been practicing hunting Easter eggs indoors and Henry is extremely excited about the concept. We signed up for an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at our local park but it's supposed to be 36 for a high that day so we might just do an indoor egg hunt on Sunday and let him find his Easter basket. I'm sad the weather isn't cooperating because i think he would have had a blast, but i'm not sure it's worth it to be out in the cold at 9 am.

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