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Unfortunately we didn't make it to the Easter Egg hunt they had in our local park. We had registered for it, but with a high of 33 degrees we decided not to brave it. Of course Henry couldn't have cared less. We did another "dry run" of hiding the Easter Eggs in the house and i learned from Gran and Nonna to put coins and other trinkets in the eggs. Henry is absolutely psyched to find them-- even when it's just a button inside.

Tomorrow morning we'll do the "real" indoor egg hunt and have his Easter basket. I have a feeling he'll enjoy it. Our friends Corey and Troy came over today with their daughter Kerala, to hang out and have lunch. Kerala is about a week older than Silas, so it was fun to have the babies together.

Silas had another good baby night-- the 4-3-3, 4 hours between feedings followed by two blocks of 3. He also went to sleep by about 10 which was really nice because that way JT and i could get to bed at the same time. I'm hoping that will work for the third straight night in a row. We had thought about going to Costco this afternoon but by the time everyone's naps were done it was a little too late. Henry was pretty much stir-crazy by then so JT took him out for a walk around the block. It was super-cold but definitely needed exercise for Henry. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get in some kind of outing. We're eager for the warm weather to return so we can start taking Silas and Henry out for walks-- with our new stroller!

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Kathy said...

Happy Easter! You look great. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. Silas is a beautiful baby (as is Henry). Love to you all!