Quick Update before bed

I'm a little too sleepy to work out everyone's respective ages, but i wanted to post something quickly before i head to bed.

We bid farewell to my parents today and it went better than expected. I wasn't sure how Henry would react, because he really bonded with them and "Nonna" became the most frequent refrain in our house in the last week. JT and Henry drove them to the train station and although he asked about them a couple times, he seemed okay with the explanation that they were getting on an airplane to their house. I know he'll look forward to seeing them later this summer, and will also enjoy the privilege of spending time with his Oma and Opa in just a few weeks as well.

Thankfully JT is still off this week and potentially part of next week, assuming he can get some work done at home. Henry is heading back to daycare tomorrow though, as i think we'll all have more time to bond with Silas and Henry will have the stimulation of all his friends and his caretakers.

Silas has been going 3-4 hours between feedings at night, but occasionally wakes up after just 2 hours like last night. I make it through by sleeping in until about 10 in the mornings. Tomorrow Jt will take Henry to daycare and Silas will stay home with me while JT's out, so hopefully that routine will continue.

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