1 Week 5 Days/23 Months 2 Weeks 2 Days

Henry enjoyed his indoor egg hunt and discovering his Easter basket very much. He was also pretty excited to wear his new Easter outfit-- which thankfully included a sweater vest since it is still pretty cold around these parts.

We braved our first family outing for a non-traditional Vietnamese dinner of Pho. I'm happy to report that the evening couldn't have gone better. Henry was psyched for his strawberry smoothie and crackers (what a dinner!) and Silas slept almost from the time we left until we got back home.

Jt plans to head into the office tomorrow to check out what's on tap for the week. He's hoping to stay home a few more days and this way he'll be able to figure out just how much time he can be at home. Henry will head back to daycare tomorrow so Silas and i will be hanging out at home trying to rest and put the house back together and maybe even write a few thank-you notes!

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