2 Weeks, 6 Days/ Almost Two!

Finally, some warm weather around here! I got to meet Corey and Kerala in the park this afternoon and we all soaked up some sun. It looks like it's going to be a mix of some cool and some sunny and warm weather for the next week. Right now we've got sun and 70 degrees projected for Henry's party on Saturday-- let's hope that holds.

JT is out of town on a one-day business trip, so i had the pleasure of getting up with both kids this morning. Thankfully Henry slept until 7:45 which gave me time to feed Silas soon after 7. After dropping Henry off Silas and i came back and slept for a few more hours which was wonderful. Then we went to order the cake for Henry's party and buy some balloons. We're planning to tie them on his chair tonight so that when he wakes up for breakfast tomorrow he has a fun start to his birthday. We'll do family gifts tomorrow night and then Saturday will be his actual party with a few close friends and Chicago-style hot dogs!

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