4 Weeks, 1 Day/ 2 Years 1 Week, 1 Day

Last night was a good baby night. Silas went to sleep by 10 and slept in two four-hour chunks. It's no 6 hours or anything, but usually after the first sleep chunk, the subsequent ones are never longer than 3 hours. What was even better was that after I took Henry to Brenda's, Silas ate and we both went back to sleep for another solid hour and a half. The past two days, Silas wasn't really sleeping soundly after we got home from taking Henry, so my amount of sleep was pretty negligible. Last night helped me get back ahead of the sleep curve.

Silas is definitely making his way towards the six-week fussy peak that supposedly occurs in all babies (except colicky ones which might not peak until 3-4 months.) He's still a very easy baby in that if he's fussy he just needs to be held, but he does want to be held more and is having a harder time going to sleep on his own. I just keep trying to help soothe him and get him drowsy and then put him down so he doesn't forget how to go to sleep on his own entirely. He is really good about sleeping whenever we're on the go, which definitely helps because i know he'll get solid naps in when we're out on walks or in the car.

It's been so nice this time around to have a close friend within walking distance home with a new baby at the same time i'm on maternity leave. We've been getting together several times a week and going for walks, out for lunch, to the park, etc. It definitely helps lessen the isolation that having a new baby can bring, and between meeting with her and sleeping late, the day is almost over before i even realize it.

Henry is getting more and more active in the last few weeks. From the time he wakes up until he goes to bed (thankfully with a break for a nap) he's rearing to go and in a good, excited mood. He's talking more and learning new words everyday. Right now his favorite word is "new." He's really excited when he gets "new" milk or puts on a "new" shirt. Another thing we realized while JT's parents were here is that he knows the letter "B." I had heard him saying "b" for awhile but couldn't figure out what he meant. Sheree showed me that he could pick out "b" from all his bathtub letters. Now he looks for "b's" when we're reading books.

I asked Brenda yesterday if Henry was still sleeping in the crib at daycare and she said that he's on a cot now with the bigger kids and that actually he's been sleeping better on the cot than in the crib. We haven't really had any sleep issues in his crib, so i don't think we'll be converting his bed to a toddler-bed anytime soon, but it's nice to know the transition has gone so well at daycare.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, does Henry look grown up or what? He is really turning into a great little guy, so busy and full of energy. Lets have some pictures of him riding his "bike" in the near future.

Hope you are doing well and taking special care of Silas. Gran