1 Year, 1 Day

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Henry seems to be rapidly moving into a toddler tantrum phase. JT told me that he had a major freak out this morning when JT was trying to feed him breakfast. He would take a bite and then just go ballistic, throwing his arms around, screaming, screwing up his face, etc. When he told me i said something like "yeah, he gets upset when you don't feed him quickly enough." This evening he repeated the episode for me and i got to eat my smug words. It's not exactly that you aren't just feeding him too slowly, it's like he's beyond frustrated that he can't just absorb the food all at once and be done with it.

We played around in the living room when he got home from Ms. Brenda's and today he decided to alternately fuss and push backwards and get really determined and inch tiny, tiny bits forward to get what he wanted. He's not doing what i'd call "army crawling" because that implies real distance is being covered. But, if something is 2-3 inches out of his way he'll dig his toes in and propel himself forward.

Over the past few days he's figured out how to put thing inside something else. He had gotten really good at taking things out of containers but he got these nesting blocks for his birthday (thanks Corey!) and loves to take a smaller cube and put it in a larger one, and then take it out and repeat.

This same skill enabled him to figure out how to put his roll-around balls into the holes on the side of the dragon. Each time you put the ball in, lights and music play and the ball comes out one of the various chutes. Henry took a few times to master the motion and then just sat putting the same ball in the same hole over and over and over. He was over the moon with excitement and with 52 pictures to show for it, you could say we were too.

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I can't WAIT to see him!!!!