1 Year, 1 Week

Over the weekend Henry crashed his first swim class. I signed Henry up for the "Shrimp and Kippers, 6-12 months" class at the Y. The registration slip i was given said the class started on 4/22. We showed up (running a bit late) and i said i was here for a swim class. The woman at the desk just pointed towards a hallway and i went on in, found the locker room, got us squared-away as quickly as possible and headed out to the pool.

5 minutes late, all the other parents and babies were in the water already in a big circle. The water was cool, the pool was noisy, and i Henry got a bit freaked out from the sudden transition. They were just jumping up and down with their babies which Henry was starting to get used to. Suddenly the instructor says "okay let's blow bubbles!" There was no way Henry was going to blow bubbles and i was getting a bit confused-- this was Henry's first class after all.

After a few more advanced moves, i asked if this was indeed the 6-12 month class which the instructor confirmed.

There are two other people taking the class with us and they showed up a little later. Turns out OUR class didn't start until next week. The class we crashed was the last class of the previous session. The instructor was a substitute though, so she didn't realize we were in the wrong class.

It was actually kind of nice to have a dry run. We figured out not to put the swim diaper on until just before class, where the locker rooms are, and what time to leave the house. Henry might even be up for some bubbles by the end of next week.

Of course the class will be about 4 hours after the movers arrive so tune in next week to see if i warrant a Mommy Oscar or not.

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Tamra Thetford said...

I just wanted to say that i definitely remember the Avail show in Richmond. I'm pretty sure i saw them another time after that in DC, but the Richmond show was why i have such fond memories of the band!

Colin a thank-you is in the mail to you, but Henry is digging his gifts from Aidan and Sinead!