1 Year, 2 Days

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Although he only took a 20 minute nap at Brenda's today, he did pretty well with Amy at PT. He showed off his newfound ability to put objects IN something and did a little pushing forward to go after toys. He even cruised from his play table over to the coffee table all on his own.

I talked with the developmental therapist and she's going to come back out next week to do a 1-year assessment of Henry and see how he's doing in other areas. We're a little concerned that because he's still not really mobile he'll start to fall behind in other areas like language or cognitive development. We haven't seen any signs of that but we want to get a professional opinion.

Henry's one year Dr. appointment is tomorrow, so we'll get to see how much he weighs and get a medical perspective on him. His appointment is in the early afternoon, so at the very least he should be able to take a nice long afternoon nap at home.

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