11 Months, 3 Weeks, 3 Days

Henry and i participated in a birthday gift exchange through my online community board. Henry was showered with an early birthday box full of 2 fun outfits, a new board book and a cute stuffed tiger that JT has nicknamed "Terrell." Henry went nuts with Terrell this weekend as evidenced by the photo.

When Henry was around 9-10 months old i started investigating cloth diapers. After simplifying things we have the cloth diapers down to a ritual and i thought i would give you the lowdown so the process is demystified. When you first think about cloth the hardest most overwhelming part is typing "cloth diaper" into google and then figuring out there's an entire online universe devoted to cloth diapering and that there are just way too many choices. If anyone is interested in having things simplified and receiving a simple overview of the options let me know.

We decided to go with covers and prefolded diapers. We simply fold the diaper cloth into thirds, lay it on-top of a diaper cover and then put a thin piece of fleece cloth on top of that. The fleece stays dry so the bebes don't get diaper rash. You put it under their bum and use the velcro tabs on either side of the diaper just like a disposable-- voila you're done. Sometimes i get really ambitious and "pre-load" several covers with diapers so they're pre-assembled. But usually i just sit Henry on the changing pad and put a toy in front of him that he can get interested in while i'm taking the 60 seconds or so to prepare the diaper. By the time i'm ready he's sufficiently taken by the toy that i can lay him backwards and get down to business For those of you thinking-- yeah but what do you do about dirty diapers and all the washing, i'll have a full expose tomorrow. That way those that would prefer to keep this information a mystery can just skip the text tomorrow...

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Kai said...

I just wanted to comment about your house selling experience... specifically the offer you had on your home that fell through. We also experienced quite a bit of that, we had 4 offers that fell through before we finally got past the contingency stage! It's gut wrenching for sure, but it will happen eventually. Try to stay sane!