11 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days

Henry had a normal day and a strange evening. He was fine at Brenda's, took 2 good naps, and came home talking excitedly. In the past few days he's gotten more aggressive about lunging forward onto his stomach and determined to pull-up on things even though he still needs a bit of help. So, we had lots of playtime this evening and then on to dinner.

For the first time since he was sick with the flu Henry didn't have much of an appetite. He wouldn't eat our leftovers that he had devoured recently and he only ate about half of his turkey dinner. He went crazy feeding himself bananna but wouldn't take more than a few bites of applesauce even. Then he proceeded to throw-up everything (largely bananna) that he had eaten for dinner. We're not sure if he was just gagging and it got out of control or if maybe he has the flu again. His buddy Helen came down with it on Saturday after the aquarium outing so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities, but he seemed completely normal after losing his dinner. Just immediately started chattering and pointing at new things he noticed and wanted, which he indicates by pointing and making a grabbing motion.

He had a great bath and then i made him a bottle before bed. He took several ounces and went straight to sleep. So, that was potentially a bad thing to do it if it is the flu, or it will help him not wake up from hunger in the night. I guess we'll see.

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Tabitha said...

Hey, hope he doesn't have the bug. I just wanted to let you know Helen only threw up that once and she was fine the next day. I hope he's good tomorrow.