11 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

Although i'll be regretting it come tomorrow morning when we have another showing, Henry acquired a new toy this weekend. His PT recommended a walker toy for him now that he's eager to pull-up and crusing is a skill we're working on. Henry really digs his new toy, but more for all the fun stuff on the front of it than for the walking aspect. Here's a rare shot where he hasn't leaned so far over that he's cut his air supply off. Clearly this is a "supervision needed" type of toy for awhile.

This weekend Henry started initiating "peek-a-boo" and will hold up a piece of fabric over his face if you say those words. It's extremely cute and further evidence that he's making brain strides.

We've had a few showings this weekend and hope that something may be moving forward early this week...

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