11 Month, 3 Weeks, 6 Days

What a big weekend we have to look forward to! Henry is having a small birthday brunch party on Saturday and then Sunday we head to Tabitha and Cullen's house for Easter lunch and egg festivities.

I worked on Henry's cake last night and think things turned out pretty well. Tonight i need to cook a little more and wrap some gifts. It's been such fun getting all of Henry's presents! This early in his life i feel like i really get to share in the excitement of the gifts even though they're for him. Thankfully he's not to the point where he can request things i don't like (GI Joe! Bob the Builder! Elmo!) so i get to fully enjoy all the cute clothes and fun toys that he enjoys but doesn't exert much control over. I'm thinking that by his 2nd birthday this might be pretty different. Even without much tv exposure i'm told he'll start recognizing and requesting "characters." We'll have to cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm smart enough at this parenting-gig by now, to know that if i make blanket pronouncements i'll quickly be retracting my statements. So, here's to a fun birthday, a WARM Easter celebration, and cute and cuddly gifts!


Tabitha said...

Yes, I think it's pretty safe to say you will have a character invasion at some point. And, horror or horrors, you will find yourself amused at some of them and terrified of others. Good luck!:)

Anonymous said...

We hope you all have a wonderful birthday weekend. I still can't believe Henry is already a year old! Hope he doesn't mind all the attention. Have fun fun fun! Love you, Sheree

Anonymous said...

And what's wrong with Bob the Builder? Sounds like a great character to me! Gran