1 Year, 1 Week, 1 Day

Henry is on the all full-fat diet. It's crazy. I made him scrambled eggs with 2 TBS of butter and whole cream the other day. For meals we mix whole cream into his baby food and slather butter on his veggies. His favorite snack is now a hard biscuit slathered with obscene amounts of cream cheese. If he doesn't gain more weight on this diet then his curve would predict, i going to have to tell the Pediatrician that Henry is just taking after his tall skinny Dad.

When i picked Henry up from daycare he couldn't wait to point out all the colors they have on their wall. It's pretty amazing. He's not just excited, he's desperate to point them out and talk to you, clearly explaining that each color has it's own animal and shape (the green turtle has a circle). Of course we can't understand him exactly but he's pretty clear he's telling us everything we need to know.

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Anonymous said...

Henry is clearly telling us that this is a kitty and that he has one of these! And he really means it, too! Does he love books like his parents?