1 Year, 1 Week, 5 Days

Whew, Part A of our big life change is over. We successfully moved into our new house yesterday morning and through the very, very generous elbow grease of our friend Corey, we were able to get all of the "main" house unpacked. For the first time we have a basement which is why i distinguish the main house from the basement. A basement is a truly wonderful thing. All those boxes and bins and bags that were stuffed in the closet, under the bed, tucked in the garage, etc. are all clustered together neatly in the glorious basement.

I did put together the shelving units we picked up on craigslist for the basement and started stacking the boxes that are labeled. Unfortunately most of the boxes packed by the movers just say basement, so they're remaining a mystery for now.

The kitchen has taken some doing. We're planning on gutting the kitchen as quickly as we can sell our condo and line up contractors. The current kitchen is terrible, small, and kinda gross so we didn't want to get too involved in making things really perfect. But, it's likely that with spring already well upon us, it will be awhile before we can get in a contractors schedule. So, we did spend a lot of time sorting out what to keep in the kitchen and what to banish to the basement.

Henry has done pretty darn well through all of this. His naps yesterday left a little to be desired and we didn't make his swimming class after all. We hadn't been at the house very long by the time we would have needed to head out and i decided he was better off getting some sleep. He was very clingy yesterday but slept through the night just fine in his new room and has taken some stellar naps today. He's army crawling everywhere and gotten to where he can pull up on low things completely on his own. He's also getting very good and cruising around the coffee table on his own. We're looking forward to starting the week tomorrow and getting into a routine in our new house.


Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome! Moving is one of the most stressful events in life and you have pulled it off repeatedly, each time taking the problems in stride and creating a new home. This one will be so special in that it will likely be the first that H really remembers. Many thanks to Corey for her kind and generous friendship. Congratulations on your new home! Gran

Anonymous said...

Way to go!But what is "army" crawling? Henry looks very happy in his new playroom! HAve fun! Sheree